Pale Fire

Performed at: Bing Theater, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Steven Stucky, Cond.

Commissioned with funds provided by the S. Mark Taper Foundation.

Winner, Independent Composers Association Composition Contest, 2nd place.


Performed at: Aspen Institute for Composition, The Olympic Arts Festival, Donald Crockett, cond., Peter Sellars, Dir. Japan America Theatre, Los Angeles

Concert Music

Burton Goldstein, Composer

String Quartet #2 “Kwasi’s Revenge

Winner, Borromeo Prize, AMC CAP Award, International Music Prize,The American Prize (3rd place)

Composed in residence at Copland House.

Performed by the Borromeo Quartet at the Taos School of Music, July 2009

This video live by the Lyris Quartet, August 25, 2012, at the Hear Now Festival in Venice, California.

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/Pale_Fire_SCORE_64%25_letter.pdfConcert_Music_files/Pale_Fire_SCORE_64%25_letter_1.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0

Ommateum (2011),

Woodwind Quintet , Mvt. I

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/Ommateum_for_WW_%20Quintet-Mvt%201.pdfConcert_Music_files/Ommateum_for_WW_%20Quintet-Mvt%201_1.pdfshapeimage_2_link_0
What Was I Thinking?Ommateum_I,_for_WW_Quintet.html

Aspen Quartet (7:00)

Performances: L.A. County Museum of Art, Brussel’s Gran Place, Aspen Institute for Advanced Compositional Studies, San Francisco’s Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium.

Winner, Lee Ettleson Award, of Composers, Inc. (lst place), AMC CAP Award.

“...strong, propulsive...What I admired particularly about Goldstein’s work was the sureness of its narrative, the convincing way idea seemed to beget idea.”

Alan Rich, L.A. Weekly

Arditti String Quartet, LA County Museum of Art and Albany Records CD

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/Aspen_Quartet.pdfConcert_Music_files/Aspen_Quartet_1.pdfshapeimage_5_link_0
Program NoteConcert_Music_files/Program_Note_String_Quartet_2_Kwasis_Revenge.pdfConcert_Music_files/Program_Note_String_Quartet_2_Kwasis_Revenge_1.pdfshapeimage_6_link_0

Canonic Variations on O Virtus, for solo recorder

An antiphon by Hildegard von Bingen (5:50)

2012 Selected by The International Composition Contest on the theme of the canonization of Hildegard von Bingam for performance by Gaby Bultman, as part of the 775-year annivarsary of Berlin.

Pater Noster for choir (6:20)

Sung by The Gregg Smith Singers, cond. Gregg Smith, Friday, April 25, 2008 as part of the American MasterPieces Choral Music Festival at St. Peter’s Church, NYC.

Part of the NEA series American Masterpieces: Three Centuries of American Genius

Composed with the assistance of a grant from the Copland House and an AMC CAP Grant.

Program NoteConcert_Music_files/Program_Note_String_Quartet_2_Kwasis_Revenge_2.pdfConcert_Music_files/Pale_Fire_Program_Notes_9-10.pdfshapeimage_9_link_0
See ScoreConcert_Music_files/String_Quartet_2_8-18-2012.pdfConcert_Music_files/String_Quartet_2_8-18-2012_1.pdfshapeimage_10_link_0
See ScoreConcert_Music_files/Pater_Noster_Choral_SCORE_9x12_91%25givesltr.pdfConcert_Music_files/Pater_Noster_Choral_SCORE_9x12_91%25givesltr_1.pdfshapeimage_11_link_0

MIDI recording by the composer.

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/Ommateum_II_for_orch_ltr.pdfConcert_Music_files/Ommateum_II_for_orch_ltr_1.pdfshapeimage_14_link_0

Ommateum II, for symphony orch. (2011)

Rough MIDI rendering by the composer.

Light and Air (2009)

Unperformed. Fl, Bb. Cl., B. Cl., Alto Sax., Horn, Tuba, Perc.

dur: ca 8:20

This recording is a rough, MIDI mockup.

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/String_Quartet_2_8-18-2012_2.pdfConcert_Music_files/LIGHT_AND_AIR%20.pdfshapeimage_16_link_0

Ommateum for String Quintet  (2013)

-- in progress --

Unperformed. Rough MIDI realization here, of a version for quintet.

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/String_Quartet_2_8-18-2012_3.pdfConcert_Music_files/Ommateum_III_for_String_Quintet.pdfshapeimage_18_link_0

Cage 100 (1 page - MIDI version)

Performed Miller Auditorium, NYC 10-17-2013 by Ensemble Either/Or, Richard Carrick, cond.

Leipzig at UT Connewitz, 1-20-2016. Cond.  Gerhard Muller-Goldbloom.

I was one of 128 composers asked by the Forum of Contemporary Music Leipzig [FZML] to write one page based on the last bar of the previous page (which gave me only 3 pitches), to honor Cage’s 100th birthday.

European premiere of the 125 PARTY PIECES took place in Leipzig's UT Connewitz, which was sold out on that evening. A glorious concert, affected by musicians, who kissed their instruments as well as by confetti flying through the concert hall. All in all, it was a diversified, multicolored concert, realized with the help of the ensemble WORK IN PROGRESS - BERLIN under the direction of conductor Gerhard Müller-Goldboom

What Was I Thinking?Ommateum_I,_for_WW_Quintet.htmlfile://localhost/Ommateum_III_Qtet_Quintet_analytical_note.rtfd-2.zipshapeimage_20_link_0

Download score and parts: click --->

Two Pieces for Piano Quintet  (2014)

For fl., cl., v., vc., piano.

1. Time Again ca. 8:10” duration.

2. Time’s Up ca. 3:18” duration.

MIDI realization by composer.

Premiere: March 28, 2015 Iowa Composers Forum New Music Festival

Performed: May 2, 2015

2015 Hear Now Music Festival, Venice, CA.

Amy Tatum - flute; Stuart Clark - clarinet; Maia Jasper - violin ; Ira Glansbeek - cello ; Todd Moellenberg - piano

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/Sextet%20score.pdf

Three Strikes, for piano solo (2:40)

Paraphrase of Schoenberg’s choral work, Dreimal Tausand Jahre. MIDI performance by composer.

Aspen Duet, for cl. and piano (6:50)

Arrangement of the Aspen Quartet, which was written while a Fellow at the Aspen Institute for Advanced Compositional Studies, under Jacob Druckman and Bernard Rands.

Unperformed. Rough MIDI realization

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/Aspen%20Duet%20III%20Bb%20Cl%20part.pdfConcert_Music_files/Aspen%20Duet%20III%20Bb%20Cl%20part_1.pdfshapeimage_23_link_0
See ScoreConcert_Music_files/CAGE100_BG.pdfConcert_Music_files/CAGE100_BG_1.pdfshapeimage_27_link_0

String Trio (6:20)

Student work. Won UCLA’s Atwater Kent Award,

judged in part by David Raksin. (Which surprised me, given the style of the work, before I got to know David’s broad viewpoint.)

Live concert performance, UCLA Schoenberg Hall. Kathleen Lenski, violin, Paul Polivnick, viola, Jeffrey Solow, cello.

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/String%20Trio.pdfConcert_Music_files/String%20Trio_1.pdfshapeimage_28_link_0

Sweet Dreams (2015), for orchestra, Mvt. I

Unperformed. Rough MIDI realization

Two Pieces for orchestra - 1. Time Again  2. Time’s Up  MIDI realization by composer.

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/Two%20Pieces%20for%20Orchestra.pdfConcert_Music_files/Two%20Pieces%20for%20Orchestra_1.pdfshapeimage_30_link_0

Quintet Won Brandenberger Symphoniker Biennale Prize

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/QUINTET_score_9x12.pdfConcert_Music_files/QUINTET_score_9x12_1.pdfshapeimage_31_link_0

Time for Every Body (2018)

dur ca 8’.

or fl., cl., v., vc.,pf.,perc. (vibes, glk, xyl.)

MIDI realization by composer.

See ScoreConcert_Music_files/Time%20for%20Every%20Body.pdfConcert_Music_files/Time%20for%20Every%20Body_1.pdfshapeimage_38_link_0
See ScoreConcert_Music_files/Two%20Pieces%20for%20Piano%20Quintet%20-%20FULL%20-%20Piano.pdfConcert_Music_files/Two%20Pieces%20for%20Piano%20Quintet%20-%20FULL%20-%20Piano_1.pdfshapeimage_39_link_0
See ScoreConcert_Music_files/Sweet%20Dreams%20for%20Orchestra%202%20WW%203%20PERC.pdfConcert_Music_files/Sweet%20Dreams%20for%20Orchestra%202%20WW%203%20PERC_1.pdfshapeimage_40_link_0